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Size doesn’t matter to us, worrying about it just gets in the way. So we don’t ask how big your plans (construction drawings) are. And by that we mean that we’ll never ask, because we charge the same price for all paper sizes. Just upload your PDF files, choose the number of copies, select colour or black-and-white, filing strips or none, and then pay and wait for your delivery.

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PDF is the best format for construction drawings. Attach files when ordering. The store calculates the price based on the attached files, so please place each image in a file of its own.
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Construction drawings from the webstore

Ordering plan prints is now easy. You no longer need to order IDs or requests for quotes, just click to enter our webstore, choose a product and add the PDF file you want printed out. 

You can trust in our 40 years of experience in the industry.

  • over 500 deliveries made via our webstore.
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A copy centre and webstore, for fast delivery of copies to construction sites.

A copy centre open 24/7. You can order copies and printouts at the time most suitable for you. Copying firms in Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hanover, Bremen, Hamburg and cities such as Düsseldorf offer good, local services, but are often unable to provide construction drawings at the most suitable time for you. In addition, because fetching orders from copying outlets can be inconvenient, why not order from a webstore?

You can also order weatherproof images for construction sites, via the planprinting.eu service. They are printed out on white plastic, which stands up well to wet conditions. Our colours are scratch proof, even when wet, although they will rub off if subjected to strong abrasion.


Speed – images can even be dispatched on the same day

Price – you know what you pay

Ease – order whenever you like

mappiseläke rakennuspiirustuksessa

What are construction drawings needed for?

When you apply for a building permit, construction drawings show what is being built and the functions the building will have. In most cases, a site plan, front elevation, floor plan, section views and foundation sections are required.

You will need drawings on the construction site, as well as for the building permit. Foundations are laid according to the planned measurements, the plumber and electrician need their own plans etc. And it’s also great to keep yourself on the map with at least one clean set of construction drawings.

Welcome to buying these from us.